The mission of LINA Yarn is to create luxurious yarns that are 100% sourced and made in Washington State.

As the owner/operator of Olympic Yarn & Fiber Mill, I frequently meet farm owners who want to focus on animal husbandry, not retail yarn sales, but they can’t find outlets to sell their raw harvested fibers at sustainable prices. I created the LINA Yarn brand in order to help these local farm owners get their beautiful fibers out of their barns and into the marketplace.

By offering farm owners the highest prices possible in order to help sustain their businesses, we are taking the first steps toward achieving a sustainable, local fiber industry.

I hope you will join us on this journey.



Meet Our Service Partners

More than simply a bundle of yarn, each skein is a unique reflection of our local community and the individuals whose talents brought it to fruition.
LINA Yarn is manufactured by me at my farm-based mill, Olympic Yarn & Fiber, located in Cosmopolis, WA
Dyed yarns are hand-dyed by Fiber Play, an indie dyer located in Aberdeen, WA
All printing, including the yarn labels, is done by Dunsire Printers in Aberdeen, WA
Our logo, label, website, and business card were designed by alder|creative in Aberdeen, WA.