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Lina is built on the principal that doing what’s right starts closest to home.¬†Our fibers are sourced from local area farmers and husbandry artisans who are also devoted to making the best quality products with the fruits of their labor.

Fiber Lot Database

Lot NumberSource FarmFiber Type
190110Recycled MaterialMixed Natural Fibers
181130Amity Fiber, Port Townsend, WA; Olympic Yarn & Fiber, Montesano, WASheep wool and alpaca
180605Vashon Merinos, Vashon Island, WAMerino wool
180520Lighthouse Alpaca Ranch, Olympia, WA and Olympic Yarn & Fiber; Montesano, WAAlpaca
180201Recycled MaterialMixed Natural Fibers
161203Amity Fiber, Port Townsend, WA and Olympic Yarn & Fiber, Montesano, WASheep wool and alpaca
160930Recycled MaterialMixed Natural Fibers
160818Olympic Yarn & Fiber, Montesano, WAAlpaca
160705Amity Fiber, Port Townsend, WA / Olympic Yarn & Fiber, Montesano, WASheep (sheep name, Sweet Pea) / Alpaca
160627Amity Fiber, Port Townsend, WASheep (sheep name, Silas)
160510PHS, Battle Ground, WAAlpaca